Interest-Based Advertising

Interest-based advertising is advertising that tries to make the ads you see more interesting and relevant to you based on the types of sites you visit online and other information that does not personally identify you. We conduct interest-based advertising on our website and services, and work with our clients to help them do the same on their websites and apps.

Without interested-based advertising, you will still see ads, but those ads are not likely to have anything to do with products or services you care about. With interest-based advertising, you receive ads and offers that are more likely to be useful to you.

There is also a second benefit to you: companies that create websites and apps rely on the revenue from interest-based advertising to support the rich array of content they produce. Without that revenue, the content would either be unavailable or consumers would have to pay for it.

For more information about the data we collect and how we use it, please refer to the Smart.Bid
Privacy Policy .

To Opt Out

What does it mean to opt-out?
In general, “opting out” means that you don’t want Smart.Bid to deliver ads that are targeted to your interests on your computer or device. If you use multiple browsers, computers or mobile devices, and do not wish to receive Smart.Bid interest-based advertising on any of them, you must opt out from each browser, computer, and mobile device individually. Please note that if cookies are not enabled in your browser, or if you use certain ad-blocking tools, our opt-out mechanism may not work properly. Please also note that deleting your cookies does not opt you out.

Opt out of interest-based advertising on this browser (if using a browser) :
Your current interest-based advertising status with Smart.Bid is:

Enable Retargeting
Disable Retargeting

When you opt out, we record the opt-out on our servers and in browser environments will attempt to place an HTTP opt-out cookie onto your computer or device. When you opt out, Smart.Bid stops serving interest-based advertising in that browser. In most instances, even if you delete your cookies, we are able to maintain a record of your opt-out on our servers.

Nonetheless, please note that if you clear your cookies, or if you use a different browser or device, you may need to renew your opt-out choice.

Please note that you will still see ads if you opt out.  The ads delivered via Smart.Bid will just not be as relevant to you. When you opt out, Smart.Bid stops serving interest-based advertising in mobile apps on that device.

Other ways to exercise choice

You may also limit ad tracking in mobile app environments on your device. For the most effective and up-to-date methods for doing so, you should consult instructions provided by those device manufacturers. We offer the following information solely for informational purposes, and we cannot guarantee that the methods below are the most current:

       Apple instructions for how to Limit Ad Tracking on devices such as iPhones and iPads

       Google instructions for how to express choice on Android devices

When Smart.Bid receives a signal to limit ad tracking, we will not serve interest-based advertising in the mobile app environment of that device.

If you have questions, please contact us at